Small Format Sale Booklets:

This is a list of small format softbound booklets–these are smaller sized (8vo–i.e., less than 10” tall–or smaller) perfect bound, saddle stapled or side stapled booklets in wraps.  Also included are similarly sized catalogs and some ephemera. All are in generally “good” (which means average used book condition) to “as new” condition—some may have former owners’ names, stickers, small markings, etc., but condition is otherwise typically “good” and we have multiple copies of many, so we will always send the best copy available. (If there are major defects, we will let you know.)  This list is priced at $6.00 each–OR order four to nine titles and you get them for $5.00 each–OR FOR THE BEST BARGAIN, order 10 or more (regardless of how many we can provide) and pay only $4.00 per booklet. All items listed are offered subject to prior sale.

Here’s what we have available now—more will be coming soon:

ABBOTT’S 1992 MAGIC GET-TOGETHER. Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing, 1992, (28pp.)

[Abbott’s Magic Get-Together] THE YEAR 2003 ABBOTT’S MAGIC GET-TOGETHER. Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing, 2003, (24pp.)

[Abbott’s Magic Get-Together] THE YEAR 2004 ABBOTT’S MAGIC GET-TOGETHER. Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing, 2004, (16pp.)

ABRACADABRA. (Souvenir Program) Program from “Abracadabra” staring Mac King and The Pendragons produced September 19-22, 2004 at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. 42pp.

Adair, Ian. ADAIR DEVILS – THE IAN ADAIR LECTURE. (Lecture Notes) Lecture notes for Winter Gardens – Blackpool, Supreme Magic Company, 1985. 12pp.

Adair, Ian. THE IAN ADAIR LECTURE-DEMONSTRATION. Supreme Magic, 1968. IBM 40th Anniversary Blue Ribbon Convention in Chattanooga (TN). 12pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps with a blue-ribbon adornment.

Adair, Ian. NOVEL NOTIONS. Supreme Magic Co., 1981. 48pp. Saddle stapled in pictorial wraps.

Albenice. REEL MAGIC. Tannen, various, 83pp.

Amato, Bruce. THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER – A POTPOURRI OF MAGIC. Bruce Amato, 1991, 24pp.

Andrus, Jerry. ANDRUS DEALS AGAIN! NO. 1 (OF A SERIES): HIDE-AWAY-CARD and FOLD-AWAY CARD. (Booklet) Portland, Oregon, Star Magic Co., 1957. 6pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. Has been damp at some point with telltale waviness, but w/o staining; o/w VG. Offered at $4.00

Anonymous. 32 MAGIC LESSONS. Magic Craft School, n.d., 15pp.

Anonymous. 35 MAGIC TRICKS. Paragon Reiss, 1981, 17pp.

Anonymous. 250 MAGIC TRICKS ANYONE CAN DO. Padell Book Company, 1967, 31pp.   

Anverdi. ANVERDI’S LEZING SEMINAR LECTURE. Anverdi, 1964, 32pp.

Arrowsmith, G. E. MAGICAL ORIGINALIA. Max Andrews, n.d (1940’s). 67pp. (+adverts.). Cover somewhat soiled with some toning/aging; former owner has neatly printed the title down the spine; some light foxing on the front end paper; o/w VG.

Arrowsmith, G. E. MAGICAL ORIGINALIA. Louis Tannen, n.d (1940’s). 67pp.

Atkins, Jeffrey. THE ATKINS TOUCH. Supreme Magic, 1975, 20pp.

B, Mr. (comp.)  ODDITIES AND FUNNIES…PLUS…SOME EXTRAS—A COMPILATION BY M. B.. By the Compiler, n.d. 23pp.

Bailey, Michael. THE BAILEY FORMULA. (Lecture Notes) By the author, 1979. Unpaged (20pp).

Bailey, S. Wilson and Harold. Osborne. WRINKLES – A FEW SUGGESTIONS AND INNOVATIONS. Bailey &Tripp, 1910, 62pp.

Bailey, S. Wilson and Harold. Osborne. WRINKLES – A FEW SUGGESTIONS AND INNOVATIONS. Bailey &Tripp, 1910, 62pp. (+ads) Wraps have small chips in several spots—and front cover is detached and the rear is missing.

Baker, Roy. BAKER’S CAPERS – THE MAGIC OF ROY BAKER. Supreme Magic Company, 1983, 32pp.

Barkann, Roger. PATENT PENDING. D. Robbins, 1944, 16pp.

Bergeron, Bev. BEV BERGERON IN PRINT – THE MAGIC OF BEV BERGERON. By the Author, 1975, Unpaginated (16pp.)

Bergeron, Bev. DAMNANT QUOD NON INTELLIGUNT. By the Author, 1984, 12pp. 

Behnke, Leo. FOLDING COIN, VOLUME 6. Magic City, 1990, 30pp.

Behnke, Leo. SPONGE BALLS, VOLUME 9. Magic City, 1991, 32pp.

Behnke, Leo. THREAD REFERENCE. Magic City, 1992 ,47pp.

Berland, Sam. BERLAND’S AMAZING TRICKS WITH PAPER CUPS. Various, 1943, 24pp.

Berland, Samuel. TRICKS WITH WATCHES – NEW AND ORIGINAL. Berland Magical Creations, 1942, 64pp.

Berland, Sam. BERLAND’S TWENTY TRICKS WITH WIZTAX. Various/D. Robbins & Company, 1962. 24pp.

Bernhard, Robert E. PUBLICITY FOR MAGICIANS. Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company, (1940’s),. 48 Mild soiling on the back cover and at the spine; paper clip impressions on the cover and first few pages.

Botwink, Bernard “Bebe.” MR. BALLOON MAN. Bernard S. Botwinik, 1975, 27pp.

Braude, Dr. Ben B. TRICKS AND TREATS. Haines House of Cards, n.d., 38pp.

Brodien, Marshall/Fabjance. 50 MAGICAL MIRACLES. Fabjance Studios, n.d., 22pp.

Buckingham, Geoffrey. LECTURE NOTES. By the author, n.d., 19pp.

Calostro. ENTERTAINING WITH HYPNOTISM. D. Robbins, n.d., 15pp.

Calostro. SECRETS OF VENTRILOQUISM. D. Robbins & Co., Inc., 1949, 19pp.

Campbell, Loring. THIS IS MAGIC. Abbott’s, 1945, 64pp. 

Cannell, J. C. THE SECRETS OF HOUDINI. Dover, 1973, 279pp.

Chapman, Franklin M. TWENTY STUNNERS WITH A NAIL WRITER. Kanter, 1944, 24pp.

Chamberlin, Rich. COMEDY JUGGLING. By the Author, 1981, 68pp.

Chanin, Jack. HELLO SUCKER! THE 3 SHELL GAME EXPOSED COMPLETELY FOR THE FIRST TIME. Jack Chanin, 1934, 64pp. (reprint)

Christianer, Louis, F. EFFECTIVE CARD TRICKS. F. G. Thayer, n.d., unpaged.

Christianer, Louis F. MORE EFFECTIVE CARD TRICKS. E.F. Rybolt, 1919. 24pp.

Christianer, Louis F. MORE EFFECTIVE TRICKS. A.M. Wilson, 1916, 40pp. Covers are soiled and there is general toning; spine fraying a bit at top and bottom.

Christianer, Louis F. ORIGINAL DECEPTIONS. E. F. Rybolt, 1919. 24pp.

Christopher, Milbourne. 50 TRICKS WITH A THUMB TIP. D. Robbins & Company, various, 24pp.

Clark, Keith. HAROLD RICE PRESENTS KEITH CLARK’S SILK SUPREME. Silk King Studios, 1942, 19pp.

Cook, Irv. G. POWDER “SLUSH”. Daytona Magic, 1989, 12pp.

Cornelius, John. MAGIC OF JOHN CORNELIUS – NO 1. (Lecture Notes) By the Author, n.d. (12pp.) Mild soiling/toning around the edges.

Cornelius, John. MAGIC OF JOHN CORNELIUS. By the Author, n.d. 12pp., May have been wet on the back cover producing some odd striations on back cove and back page. 

Crush, Peter. FOLDING COIN SECRETS. By the Author, 1981, 32pp.  

Darwin. DARWIN’S 101 THUMB TIP TRICKS. Geno Munari, 1995, 23pp.

Davis, Jimmy. ONE BALLOON ZOO. Magic Inc., various dates, 32pp.

DeLawrence, George and James “Kater” Thompson. MODERN CARD EFFECTS AND HOW TO PERFORM THEM. Arthur P. Felsman,1920, 80pp.

[Denhard, Harold]. HOW TO DO ROPE TRICKS. Various publishers, various dates, various pagination.

Desmond, Al. MAKE BOOK ON IT! Wilbur Kattner, 1979, 8pp.

Detmer, Julie. SCOTCH AND SODA., n.d., 31pp.

Dewey, Ralph. DEWEY’Y RUBBER RASCALS. Dewey News Balloons, 1984, 44pp.

Dietrich, Bud and Emil Jarrow, THE TRADESHOW HANDBOOK. Magic Inc., various dates, 46pp.

Dobson, Wayne. ECHO. Wayne Dobson, 2007. 8pp. Wraps.


Dusenbery. H. Syril. MAKING MAGIC PAY. Syril Dusenberry, 1923, 23pp.  

Dusenbery, H. Syril. MAKING MAGIC PAY 1923. David Ginn, 1996. Reprint of the 1923 edition with an Introduction by Byron Walker. 24pp.

Eastman, Chas. C. “INSPIRED MAGICAL EFFECTS”. By the Author,       n.d.,26pp. Wraps bound with brass grommets. Front cover chipped; splitting at spine; front previously detached and now repaired with tape.

Eastman, Charles C. WINNERS ALL… Chas. C. Eastman, n.d. Second edition. Davenport Demon Series label pasted over publication info on first page. 18pp.

Eldin, Peter. THE MYSTERIOUS BOOK OF MAGIC. Blitz/Grieswood & Dempsey, 1992, 96pp. Gift inscription to former owner from “Gramps”. Due to a misprint/binding error, 16 double-spread alternating pages from pp. 34 to 64 are totally blank.

Ervin, E. G. CLUB DECEPTIONS. Kanter’s Magic Shop, 1947, 52pp.  

Ethan, David. TRANSCUP. By the Author, n.d., 16pp. Complete instructions for making and performing TransCup.

Fearson, Steve. GOING BACK IN TIME WITH THE BILL IN THE CIGARETTE. Steve Fearson, 1991, 8pp.

Ferrentino, John. COMEDY CLUBS FOR ALL MAGICIANS. Jenack Circus Corporation, 1984, 52pp.

Fetsch, “Hen.” MILK PITCHER MAGIC.  Various, 1946/1962. Various pagination.

Findlay, James B. HOW’S YOUR LIBRARY? Magic Inc., 1975. 36pp., illus., 8vo. Pink wraps. Mild sun fading at the edges; o/w VG.

Finley, Stu. HOT STUFF.  Al’s Magic Shop, n.d., 15pp.                                                                    

Forrest, Albert. THE EIGHTH WONDER – MAGIC FOR SMART MAGICIANS. By the Author, n.d. (1933) 41pp. A fair copy.

Fowler, Christopher. HOW TO IMPERSONATE FAMOUS PEOPLE. Prince Paperbacks/Crown Publishers, 1984. 85pp.

Fox, Karrell. LECTURE NOTES. By the Author, 1996. 8pp.

Francis, Douglas. RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE. Supreme Magic, 1984, 36pp.

Fromer, Roy. THE CUPS: A MANUAL OF CUPS AND BALLS MAGIC. D. Robbins, 1972. 48 pp.

Fromer, Roy. FLOATING BALL MAGIC. D. Robbins & Company, Inc., 1972, 34pp.  

Frost, Ron. TRICKS FROM THE WAX MUSEUM. Various publishers, various dates, 38pp.

Furst, Arnold. MAGIC FOR MONSTERS. Genii Publishing, 1960, 56pp.

Ganson, Lewis. CARD MAGIC BY MANIPULATION. Various publishers, n.d., 31pp.

Ganson, Lewis. A NEW LOOK AT — CARD FANS. Supreme Magic Company, 1978, 32pp.

Gardner, Martin. AFTER THE DESSERT. D. Robbins & Co., Inc., 1983, 18pp.

[Ginn, David] A trio of booklets from David Ginn. (Three-Booklet Lot) BRINGING HOME THE LAUGHS. (1980, 24pp.); CLOSE-UP A-GINN (1978, 28pp.); and COMEDY LINKING RINGS (1976, 22pp.+adverts). Offered as a lot.                        

Ginn, David. A duo of Ginn books: STRICTLY VISUALS (1970, 32pp.) and STRICTLY VISUALS TWO (1973, 32pp). Both offered as a lot.

Ginn, David. 50 WAYS TO MAKE CHILDREN LAUGH – A MAGIC/COMEDY LECTURE. By the Author, n.d., 4pp.

Ginn, David. BRINGING HOME THE LAUGHS. Scarlett Green, 1976, 24pp.

Ginn, David. CLOSE-UP A-GINN. Scarlett Green, 1978, 28pp.

Ginn, David. CLOSE-UP A-GINN. Scarlett Green, 1974, 28pp.

Ginn,  David. COMEDY WARM-UPS FOR CHILDREN’S SHOWS. Scarlett Green, 1975, 16pp.

Ginn, David. DAVID GINN’S COLORFUL MAGIC. Walter B. Graham, 1969, 76pp.

Ginn, David. DAVID GINN’S COMEDY LINKING RINGS. David Ginn, 1975, 22pp.

Ginn, David. FANTASIO’S CANE AND CANDLE BOOK NO. 1. David Ginn, 1978, 40pp.

Ginn, David. FANTASIO’S CANE AND CANDLE BOOK NO. 2. David Ginn, 1978, 50pp.

Ginn, David. FANTASIO’S CANE AND CANDLE BOOK NO. 5, David Ginn, 1982, 72pp.

Ginn, David. MAGIC WITH FANTASIO’S CANES AND CANDLES. Scarlett Green, 1971, 40pp. 

Ginn, David. NEW DOVE MAGIC. Scarlett Green, 1972, 52pp.

Ginn, David. STRICTLY VISUALS TWO. Scarlett Green, 1973, 32p.

Ginn, David. SURE-FIRE MAGIC – A LECTURE OF PRACTIAL MAGIC. David Ginn, 1979, 22pp.

Ginn, David and James Holmes. FANTASIO’S CANE AND CANDLE BOOK NO. 4. David Ginn and James Holmes, 1981, 70pp.

Ginn, David and Jim Kleefeld. FANTASIO 6: THE COLOR CHANGING LIGHTER. Scarlett Green, 1982, 64pp.

Griffith, Tony. GRIFF ON CARDS – NOVEL AND UNUSUAL CARD MYSTERIES. (Supreme Magic Company, n.d. 36pp.

Hagan, Dave. C. CHRISTMAS MAGIC. Ireland, 1956, 24pp. Three-hole punched.

Haines, Ronald. 36 TRICKS WITH FA-KO CARDS. Edited by John Braun, Haine’s House of Cards, n.d., 32pp.

Hardy, Marvin L. BALLOON MAGIC. Pioneer Balloon Company, 2001, 63pp.

Harping Jeff. WINNING AT BLACKJACK. Premiere One, 1995, 68pp.

Hayes, Lisa L. 101 AMAZING TRICKS WITH A STRIPPER DECK. Various pub., various dates, 32pp.

Hayes, Lisa L. 101 AMAZING TRICKS WITH A SVENGALI DECK. Various pub, various dates, 32pp.

Haywood, Glenn. CAUSE FOR APPLAUSE. By the Author, (1970), 28pp.

Herman, Frank. HOW TO DO INSTANT IMPRESSIONS. Golden’s, n.d., 32pp.

Herman, Frank. YOUR MONEY’S MIRTH. Lip-erty Org., 1981, 22pp.

Hickman, B. J. TEN MONEY MAKING SECRETS TO BOOKING THEME SCHOOL ASSEMBLY SHOWS…AND WHAT’S HOT. (Lecture Notes) By the author, (1998), 24pp. Bound upside down in the wraps, o/w VG.

Hines, C. G. MODERN MYSTERIES. Modern Mysteries Publishing, 1915,12pp.

Hugard, Jean. CARD MANIPULATIONS NO. 1 AND 2. Various publishers and dates, 44pp.

Hugard, Jean. CARD MANIPULATIONS NO.3. Various publishers and dates, various pagination.

Hugard, Jean. CARD MANIPULATIONS NO. 5. Various publishers and dates.

Hugard, Jean. CLOSE-UP MAGIC FOR THE NIGHT CLUB MAGICIAN., Various pub., various dates, 57pp.

Hugard, Jean. COIN MAGIC. Various dates and Publishers, 88pp.  

Hugard, Jean. HANDKERCHIEF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Dover Publications, 1974. 85pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Light edgewear; o/w VG.

Hugard, Jean. MONEY MAGIC.  Various publishers and dates, 60pp.  

Hugard, Jean. MORE CARD MANIPULATIONS, NO. 1, Various publishers and dates, 50pp.

Hugard, Jean. MORE CARD MANIPULATIONS, No. 2. Various publishers and dates, 52pp.

Hugard, Jean. MORE CARD MANIPULATIONS, No. 3. Various publishers and dates, 56pp.

Hugard, Jean. MORE CARD MANIPULATIONS, NUMBER 4. Various publishers and dates, 54pp.   

Hugard, Jean. POCKET-MAGIC NO. 1 OF A SERIES OF SEALED MYSTERIES. By the Author, n.d. First edition. (cover title: SEALED MYSTERIES OF POCKET MAGIC – VOLUME ONE. Foreword by Julien J. Proskauer. 15pp. Wraps are folded to create the impression of a double-door. Lightly soiled and a bit roughed from usage; o/w quite Good.

Hugard, Jean. SILKEN SORCERY. Max Holden, various dates, 85pp. (+adverts.), Former owner name stamp inside on title page.

Hugard, Jean, and Fred Braue. MIRACLE METHODS NO. 4 – TRICKS AND SLEIGHTS. Various publishers, various dates, 32pp.

Hull, Burling. 33 ROPE TIES AND CHAIN RELEASES. Various publishers, various dates, 46pp.

DE ILLUSIONIST. (Magazine Sample) Nederlandse Bond Van Goochelaars 1948, NO. 2-3, 22pp.

[International Brotherhood of Magicians] IBM 38TH ANNUAL CONVENTION. (Souvenir Program) Indianapolis, July 6-7-8-9, 1966. 64pp.

Ireland, L.L. IRELAND WRITES A BOOK. Magic Inc, n.d. A later day reprint of the 1935 original, 36pp.

JINX – PROGRAM NO. 1 – A CLUB ACT OF MAGIC. Max Holden, n.d., 12pp.

JINX – PROGRAM NO. 3 – A CLUB ACT OF MAGIC. Max Holden, n.d., 22pp.

JINX – PROGRAM NO. 4 – A “NO CARD” MYSTERY ACT. Max Holden, n.d., 16pp.

[Johnson Smith & Company] HELLER’S BOOK OF MAGIC. Johnson & Smith Company, (1940’s- 50’s). 102pp. (+24pp. adverts.) Spine is starting to split a bit with a small chip at the spine; o/w VG.

Jones, Lloyd E. THE DIME AND PENNY. Magic Ltd., Lloyd E. Jones, various dates, 19pp.

Jonson, Wilfrid. MAGIC TRICKS. Dover, 1954. 100pp.

Jonson, Wilfrid. MAGIC TRICKS AND CARD TRICKS. Dover, 1957,196pp.

Joseph, Eddie. ADVANCED LESSONS IN CUPS AND BALLS. Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company, 1938. (16pp.) Mild toning throughout; o/w VG+.

Joseph, Eddie. ORIGINAL TRICKS. Read Books, Ltd., 2013, 20pp.               

Karson, Joe. WORLD’S FASTEST CARD TRICK. Various publishers, various dates, 8pp. .

Kennedy, John. JOHN KENNEDY’S LECTURE III. Kennedy Enterprises, 1983. 32pp.

Kenworthy, Christopher. FREE FORMATION.  Chazpro Magic Co., 2000. 22pp.

Keppler, Stephan. THREE SECRETS REVEALED. MexoMagic, 2004, 4pp.

Kerns, Ernie. HOW TO BE A MAGIC CLOWN.  Ireland/Magic, Inc.,1960, 44pp.

Kerns, Ernie. HOW TO BE A MAGIC CLOWN, VOLUME 2.  Ireland/Magic, Inc., 1968, 96pp.

King, Kevin. IDEAS BY KEVIN KING. Kevin King Enterprises, 1993, 7pp.

Kirkham, Kirk. TV DOVE CLASSICS. Louis Tannen, n.d., 32pp.  

Klamm, Robert W. Packet of material on Klamm Publicity Procedures. (Promotion Lot) Klamm – The Magic Man, (circa 1977). Includes a packet of sample News articles, SELLING YOUR SHOW TO SHOPPING CENTER & OTHER BUSINESSES (6pp.) and HOW TO GET FREE NEWSPAPER AND TV PUBLICITY (10pp.). All are folded to fit in a 6.25 x 9.25 envelope. Envelope is a bit rough and worn at the edges and the materials have been handled numerous times; o/w Good.

Kraske, Robert. HARRY HOUDINI: MASTER OF MAGIC. Scholastic Book Services, 1973, 72pp.

Kraus, Richard G. “TRICK TECHNICS”. Paul Diamond, 1974, Gems of Magic Series No. 41/2. 23pp.

Lair, Michael P. ACT 1. By the Author, 1992. First edition. 31pp.

Lair, Michael P. CANDLES. By the Author, 41pp.

Lair, Michael P. INVISIBLAIR. Michael P. Lair, 1985, 2pp.

Lair, Michael P. THIS SPUD’S FOR YOU! Michael P. Lair, 1985, 8pp.

LaMonica, Joe. LA MONICA’S BALLOON SCULPTURES. Special Arts Press, n.d., 31pp.

Leech, Al. CARDMANSHIP. Various pub., various dates, 28pp.

Leech, Al. DON’T LOOK NOW – THE SMART SLANT ON MISDIRECTION. Various publishers, various dates, 27.

Lewis, Trevor. A LESSON IN MAGIC. (Signed Lecture Notes) By the Author, n.d. (8pp.), Inscribed “to “Mike – Any friend of Pat Page is a friend of mine” and signed by Lewis.

Leveridge, Mark. THE MAGIC OF CLOSE UP – A LECTURE. (Lecture Notes) By the Author, n.d. Unnumbered (30pp.), illus., 8vo. 5.5 x 8.5 sheets side stapled in paper covers. VG.

Lewis, Trevor. PARTY PIECES. By the Author, 1978. (36pp).

Loe, Gerald m. PAPER CAPERS. Magic Inc., various dates, 56pp.

London, Ron. RON LONDON – MAGIC LECTURE. By the Author, n.d. 18pp.

London, Ron. RON LONDON LECTURE #2 and RON LONDON PRESENTS STUFF YOU’LL USE. (Two-Lot Lecture Notes) By the Author, n.d. (5pp.) and (8pp.), illus., 8vo. Both are stapled in paper wraps. Show some use and modest wear; #2 has been folded; o/w Good.

Lorraine, Sid. A MAGICIAN IN THE HOUSE – A MAGICAL MONOLOGUE. Abbott’s Magic Novelty, 1939. 47pp. Spine has been reinforced with book tape; mild soiling; former owner name “Gene Gloye” with 1954 date written inside.

Lorraine, Sid. A MAGICIAN IN THE HOUSE – A MAGICAL MONOLOGUE. Abbott’s Magic Company, n.d., 51pp.

Lorraine, Sid. PATTER – GAGS AND PATTER LINES FOR TALKING MAGICIANS. Abbott Magic, various dates, 64pp. Some soiling.

[Magic Collectors’ Association] PROGRAM OF THE TWENTY-SIXTH MAGIC COLLECTORS’ WEEKEND (Souvenir Program) Guest of John Alexander McKinven. Hyatt Regency Woodfield Hotel, Schaumburg, IL, May 27th, 28th & 29th, 1995. 16pp.

[Magic Program Grouping #1] Four miscellaneous magic programs, including: 50TH MAGI-FEST 1932 – 1981. Columbus, Ohio January 29-31, 1981 (12pp.); C.A.M.A.S. (CINCINNATI ACADEMY OF MAGIC AND ALLIED ARTS) MAGIC SOIREE, Westwood Town Hall, Oct. 21, 1967 (12pp); THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS BRITISH RING NO. 25 53RD ANNUAL CONVENTION, Scarborough, September 19-24, 1989 (48pp.); and SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MAGICIANS, WERNER F. DORNFIELD ASSEMBLY NO. 3, 1994 DIAMOND CELEBRATION. The Sabre Room, Saturday, January 15, 1994 (16pp.)

[Magic, Inc.] CATALOG 23, PART 6. n.d., pp.322-384.

[Magic, Inc.] HOW TO DO CIGARETTE TRICKS. Magic, Inc., 1977, 20pp.

[Magic, Inc.] TRICKS WITH A FOLDING COIN. Magic, Inc., n.d., 30pp.

Magic-Ian (Ian Sutz) 101 INCREDIBLE MAGIC TRICKS WITH A SVENGALI DECK. D, Robbins, 1998, 32pp.

Majikans. MAGIC FEATS – A MISCELLANY OF PRACTICAL MAGIC. Supreme Magic, 1969, 37pp.

MAKEUP NOTES FOR CONEHEAD. Magic World, 1980, unpaged.

MAKEUP NOTES FOR FEMALE VAMPIRE. Magic World, 1980, unpaged.

MAKEUP NOTES FOR HAPPY CLOWN. Magic World, 1980, unpaged.

MAKEUP NOTES FOR HOBO. Magic World, 1980, unpaged.

MAKEUP NOTES FOR MONSTER. Magic World, 1980, unpaged.

MAKEUP NOTES FOR OLD MALE VAMPIRE. Magic World, 1980, unpaged.

MAKEUP NOTES FOR WEREWOLF. Magic World, 1980, unpaged.

Maly, Charles J. CELESTIAL AGENT. L.L. Ireland, 1944, 30pp.

Manos, Christopher A. USING MAGIC – IN DRUG AND ALCOHOL PREVENTION PRESENTATIONS. By the Author, 1991, 29pp.

Marconick [Heinz Nikolas Stolk]. MARCONICK’S MAGIC NR. 2. Various pub., 1970, 32pp.

Marconick [Heinz Nikolas Stolk]. MARCONICK’S ORIGINAL MAGIC NR. 4. Magic Inc., 1972 American Tour edition – second printing. 28pp.

Mardo, Senor. APPLAUSE, A BOOK OF ROUTINED MAGIC. Berland Magic Creations, 1947. 32pp. Former price inside front cover; o/w Near fine.

Mardo, Senor. THE HANDS ONLY. Lloyd E. Jones, 1947. 13pp. Other than some toning on the end papers; a nice clean copy.

Mardo, Senor, with John J. Crimmins, Jr. (Editor) ROUTINED MAGIC. (Booklet) Max Holden, 1945.  First edition. 29pp.

Mardo, Senor. SORCERY. Morcom’s House of Novelties, 1951. First edition. 28pp. Some light smudges and toning on the covers; o/w VG.

Marlo, Ed. THE TABLED PALM., various dates, 38pp.

Marlo, Edward. ACTION PALM., various dates, 54pp.

Marlo, Edward. CARD FAN PRODUCTIONS. Various, various dates, 24pp.

Marshall, Frances Ireland compiler and editor. COME OUT FLYING – THE USE OF DOVES IN MAGIC.  Ireland/Magic Inc., various dates, 52pp.

Marshall, Frances (compiler). THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUSINESS. Magic Inc., 1978. 128pp. Plastic comb bound. Some notes and underlining throughout; o/w Good.

Marshall, Frances Ireland. HOW TO SELL BY MAGIC – THE IDEA BOOK! Magic Inc., various years /editions, 64pp., illus., 8vo.

Marshall, Frances Ireland. KID STUFF. Ireland or Magic Inc, date varies, 96pp.

Marshall, Frances Ireland. KID STUFF TWO. Ireland or Magic Inc, date varies, 96pp.

Marshall, Frances Ireland. KID STUFF THREE. Ireland or Magic Inc, date varies, 104pp.

Marshall, Frances. THE SPONGE BOOK. Magic Inc., 1973, 47pp.        

Martin, Patrick. EASY GUIDE TO PROFESSIONAL CHARACTER MAKE UP. Enchantus, 1984, 16pp.

Martineau, Francis B. FRANCIS B. MARTINEAU’S MIRACLE SILK. Harold R. Rice, 1945, 4pp.

Martineau, Francis B. edited by John Braun. HAROLD RICE PRESENTS FRANCIS B MARTINEAU’S VICTORY BOUQUET. Silk King Studios, 1944,16pp.

Marx, Arthur and Robert Fisher. GROUCHO – A LIFE IN REVUE. (Play Script) Samuel French, 1988. 80pp.

Maxwell. CLEVER CARD TRICKS THAT ANYONE CAN DO. Max Holden, 1934, 12pp., Starting to split at the bottom of the spine; o/w VG.

Mayer, Ralph. SHORT CHANGED. Micky Hades International, 1977, 4pp.Practice bills tipped in at rear of booklet.

Mayne, Andrew. BISECTION – THE INCREDIBLE LIGHTNING-FAST ILLUSION. Andrew Mayne, 2003, (12pp.)

Mayne, Andrew. POCKET SAWING-IN-HALF. Andrew Mayne, 2002, 14pp.

Mayne, Andrew. TOUCHING SKY – A GUIDE TO LEVITATING. By the Author, 2003, 18pp.

McAthy, George. SMART TRICKS FOR MAGICIANS & MC’S. D. Robbins/E-Z Magic, nd., 35pp.

McBribe, Jeff. KUNDALINI RISING. McBride Magic, 2004. 10pp.

McCarron, B.W. “Mercurio”. THE GAMBLING MAGICIAN. Robbins, 1976. 80pp.  

[McLoughlin Bros.] THE MAGIC MIRROR: AN ANTIQUE OPTICAL TOY. Dover, 1979, unpaged.

McMahan, Greg. BALLOONS ON THE MAILBOX. Greg McMahan, 1989, 25pp.

McVicar, Wes. CLOWN ACT OMNIBUS.  Various publishers, various dates, 215pp.  

Mentzer, Jerry. SILK POTPOURRI. By the Author, 1979, 53pp.

Mercurio (C.W. McCarron) Edited by Roy Fromer. THE PROPSHOP: TRICKS WITH MAGICAL ACCESSORIES. D. Robbins & Co., Inc., 1975. 64pp.

Merlin, Jack. CHERISHED SECRETS OF A MASTER MANIPULATOR – JACK MERLIN’S “… AND A PACK OF CARDS” Revised and edited by Jean Hugard and John J. Crimmins. Louis Tannen, 1964. 93pp.

Miller, Hugh, ed. RINK’S ORIGINAL ROPE MYSTERIES. Various, n.d. 28pp.

Mishell, Ed. HOLD-OUT MIRACLES. Tannen Publications, various dates, 66pp.

Mishel, Ed and Ted Collins. WAX FAX: A COMPILATION OF TRICKS WITH WAX. Mecca Magic Studios, 1978. 20pp.   

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