Paperback and More Sale List:

This is a list of mainly paperback titles–both regular size (12mo & 8vo) and large size (4to) paperbacks—and every now and then a hardbound book, DVD, audio, video cassette, or even a prop or trick may be in the mix.  Generally, all are in “Good” to “As New” condition—a few may have former owner names, stickers, etc. and we usually don’t note those defects—also a few of the books are “ex library” and when that’s the case we’ll let you know and/or describe specific defects.  (We do have multiple copies of many of these items and will always select and send the best copy available). Not all of the books are technically magic books—some gambling, psychic, humor, etc.—but all have been acquired along with magic collections we’ve purchased—so there may or may not be a magic connection. All items are priced at $6.00 each OR order four to nine and get them for $5.00 each OR, for the best deal, order 10 or more and get them at only $4.00 each.  (You get the price for however many you order–even if we can’t fill your entire order.)

Here’s what we have at the moment:  

[Abbott’s Magic Company] MAGIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY – CATALOG 20. (Magic Catalog) Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing Company, 1972 ,455pp.

Adair, Ian. 100 MAGIC TRICKS. (Hardbound Book) Chartwell Books, 1991. 128pp. Cloth in dust jacket. Some spots on the front of the dust jacket; o/w near fine. [p &l]

Adair, Ian. CONJURING AS A CRAFT. (Hardbound Book) Newton Abbott, David & Charles, 1970. 160pp. Some oxidation foxing along top edge; former owner bookplate.

Adair, Ian. MAGIC STEP-BY-STEP. Arco Publishing, 1972. First edition. 155pp.

[Alexander, Stefanus] STEFANUS ALEXANDER’S CTB – CHANGE TO BILL. (Trick – Props and instructions) Alakazam Magic, 2020, Gimmicks with access to on-line demo and complete instructions.

Anon. YOU’VE GOT JOKES – FUN AND LAUGHS GALORE. Platinum Press LLC, 2009, 393pp.

Baron, Harry. CLOSE-UP MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS: TWO VOLUMES IN ONE INCLUDING…MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS. (Hardbound Book) Bell Publishing, 1978. 160pp./156pp. Boards in dust jacket.

Baron, Harry. MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS. (Hardbound Book) Emerson Books Inc., 1970, 136pp.  Boards in dust jacket.

Baron, Harry. MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS. Prima Publishing, 1991, 161pp.

Bass, Edwardo. UMBERTO’S CIRCUS. (Hardbound Book – Fiction with a Circus Theme) Farrar, Straus and Young, 1951. 340pp., Stain on front cover.

Behrman, Sid. THE LAWYER JOKE BOOK. (Hardbound Book) Barnes & Noble, 1991. 128pp. Pictorial boards.

Bender, Eric. TICKETS TO FORTUNE – THE STORY OF SWEEPSTAKES, LOTTERIES AND CONTESTS. Modern Age Books, 1938, 174pp. (+ adverts.), illus., tall 12mo. Paperbound in a matching dust jacket.

Bird, Malcolm and Alan Dart. THE MAGIC HANDBOOK. Chronicle Books, 1992. 88pp.,

Blackman, James R. THE BIG BOOK OF TRICKS AND MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Random House, 1962, 55pp. Pictorial boards. [p & l]

Blackstone, Harry. BLACKSTONE’S TRICKS ANYONE CAN DO. (Covered Boards) Permabooks, 1948, 232pp.

Bland, Celia. ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: EYES ON AMERICA SERIES. Kidsbooks, Inc., 1999, 29pp.

Boardroom. YOUR BOTTOMLINE BAG OF TRICKS. (Tax tips/tricks, not magic) Boardroom, Inc., 2000, 60pp.

Brandon, Ruth. THE LIFE AND MANY DEATHS OF HARRY HOUDINI. Random House, 1993, 353pp.

Brandreth, Gyles. QUICK AND EASY MAGIC TRICKS. Watermill Press, 1989, 96pp.

Braude, Jacob M. BRAUDE’S TREASURY OF WIT AND HUMOR. (Hardbound Book) Prentice-Hall, 1977. 277pp. Cloth in dust jacket.

[Brewer, Paul] RANDOM MAGIC PRESENTS MODERN CLASSICS WITH MAGICAL ENTERTAINER PAUL BREWER. (DVD) Random Magic, 2007. Running time approximately one hour. New – still shrink-wrapped.

Brunson, Doyle. ACCORDING TO DOYLE. Cardoza Publishing, 2008, 208pp.

Cannell, J. C. THE SECRETS OF HOUDINI. Dover, 1973, 279pp.

Cashion, Cathy. MAGIC. (Juvenile Book) Golden Press/Western Publishing, 1977. 48pp., Pictorial paperbound covers. Very mild wear; o/w VG+. [p & l]

Cassidy, John and B.C. Rimbeaux. JUGGLING FOR THE COMPLETE KLUTZ. Klutz Press, 1994, 76pp.

Cassidy, John and Michael Stroud. THE KLUTZ BOOK OF MAGIC. Klutz, 1990, 88pp. Wire comb bound. No props.

Cassidy, John. THE KLUTZ YO-YO BOOK. Klutz Press, 1987, 80pp.(+ads). Yo-Yo not included.

Christopher, Milbourne. HOUDINI: THE UNTOLD STORY. Pocket Books,1970, 298pp.

Clark, Hyla M. THE WORLD’S GREATEST MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Tree Communications, 1976, 208 pp., cloth in dust jacket.

Cobb, Vicki. MAGIC…NATURALLY: SCIENCE ENTERTAINMENTS & AMUSEMENTS. (Hardbound Book) Harper Collins, 1993, 150 pp. Cloth in dust jacket.

Coffin, George S. $ECRET$ OF WINNING POKER. Wilshire Book Company, 1976, 198pp.

Danby, Mary. ROTTEN RIDDLES AND GOOFY GAGS. Sterling Publishing, 1991, 96pp.

Castle, Jeffrey Lloyd. HOW NOT TO LOSE AT POKER. (Hardbound Book) Little, Brown and Company, 1970, 150pp. Red cloth.

Darbyshire, Lydia. THE MAGIC BOOK: MASTER OF MYSTERIES OF OVER 150 MAGIC TRICKS. (Hardbound Book) Chartwell Books, 1997, 224pp. Cloth in dust jacket. Dust jacket has small tears/chips at the top of the spine and the lower face corner; o/w VG [p & l]

Dawson, Lawrence H. THE COMPLETE HOYLE’S GAMES. Wadsworth Reference, 1994, 480pp.

Deschner, Donald. THE FILMS OF W.C. FIELDS. The Citadel Press, 1966, 192pp.

Devereux, Eve and Peter Eldin. CARD AND MAGIC TRICKS – OVER 30 EASY-TO-PERFORM STUNTS TO AMAZE AND CONFOUND. (Hardbound Book) Gramercy Books, 2004, 96pp. Pictorial Boards. [p & l]

Devereux, Eve. THE ULTIMATE CARD TRICK BOOK – MASTER THE MAGIC OF 70 AMAZING TRICKS. (Hardbound Book) Chartwell Books, 1994. 80pp. Cloth in dust jacket. [p & l]


Dodds, Bill. ARE YOU OVER THE HILL? Meadowbrook Press, 1994, 105pp.

Doerflinger, William. THE MAGIC CATALOGUE: A GUIDE TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF MAGIC. A Sunrise Book, E.P. Dutton, 1977, 242pp. [p & l]

Dowling, Allen. THE GREAT AMERICAN PASTIME: NOTES ON POKER, THE GAME AND THE PLAYERS. (Hardbound Book) A.S. Barnes,1970, 244pp. Cloth in a roughed and worn dust jacket.

Downs, T. Nelson. TRICKS WITH COINS – OR MODERN COIN MANIPULATION. Wehman Bros., 1939, 84pp. Numerous chips at the outer edges with the spine almost totally intact.

Drake Publishers. MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS. (Hardbound Book)Drake Publishers, 1976. 159pp. Blue cloth. Lacks dust jacket.

Dunn, Bob. MAGIC FOR ALL. (Hardbound Book) Citadel Press, 1946,158pp. Red cloth. 

Dunn, John Gregory. THE STUDIO. Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, 1969, 255pp.

Dunninger, Joseph. DUNNINGER’S COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Spring Books, n.d. 288pp. Cloth/boards in dust jacket.

Easley, Bert and Eric P. Wilson. DOING MAGIC FOR YOUNGSTERS. D. Robbins, 1972, 122pp.

Easley, Bert and Eric P. Wilson. DOING MAGIC FOR YOUNGSTERS INCLUDING THE ART OF CONJURING TO CHILDREN. Louis Tannen, 1972, 122pp.(+adverts) Paperbound.

Einhorn, Nicholas. THE PRACTICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC. Hermes House, various dates, 256pp. Soft pictorial covers.  [p & l]

Eldin, Peter. MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Kingfisher, 1997. 64pp., full color illus. Colorful pictorial boards in a clipped dust jacket. Not a “how-to”, but an introduction to the history of magic, magicians, tricks and illusions—a great book for a young magician.

Eldin, Peter. THE MAGIC HANDBOOK. Simon and Schuster, 1985. 189pp.  

Elliott, Bruce. CLASSIC SECRETS OF MAGIC. (Book) Collier Books, 1962, 190pp. Paperbound.

Elliott, Bruce. GREAT SECRETS OF THE MASTER MAGICIANS. Collier Books, 1972. (Previously published as: CLASSIC SECRETS OF MAGIC.) 190pp.Shows light wear with a spill stain on the front cover, but not affecting inside.

Elliott, Bruce. MAGIC AS A HOBBY. (Hardbound Book) Gramercy Publishing, 1948 ,230pp. Cloth.

Elliott, Bruce. MAGIC AS A HOBBY – NEW TRICKS FOR AMATEUR PERFORMERS. (Hardbound Book) Gramercy Publishing, 1948, 230pp. Cloth in dust jacket – a bit roughed along top edges with a several very small chips and rubs at the head and foot of the spine.

Feinman, Jeffrey. THE CATALOGUE OF MAGIC. Simon and Shuster, 1978, 159pp. [p & l]

Feinstein, Barry, Daniel Kramer and Jim Marshall. EARLY DYLAN. Bulfinch, 2005, 96pp.

Fijan, Carol and Frank Ballard with Christina Starobin. DIRECTING PUPPET THEATRE. Resource Publications, 1989, 96pp. Ex library copy.

Finnigan, Dave. THE JOY OF JUGGLING – THE BOOK. JuggleBug, 1993, 113pp.

Fisher, John. JOHN FISHER’S MAGIC BOOK. Prentice-Hall, 1971, 128pp. Roughed at the edges; chipped spine, reinforces with clear tape.

Fleischman, Sid. ESCAPE! THE STORY OF THE GREAT HOUDINI. (Juvenile Hardbound) Greenwillow Press, 2006, 210pp. Boards in dust jacket. [l & p]

Foxworthy, Jeff. YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK IF…  Longstreet Press, 1992, 73pp.

[Franklin, Julian] JACK TURK INTERVIEWS JULIAN FRANKLIN ON VIRAL MARKETING. (Audio Disc) Brad Ross’s Make Magic Money, Summer, 2007. In a clear vinyl CD case.

Frederick, Guy. 101 BEST MAGIC TRICKS. (Hardbound) Sterling Publishing, various dates, 128pp., cloth.

Frederick, Guy. 101 BEST MAGIC TRICKS. Signet, various dates, 120pp.

Frederick, Guy. 101 BEST MAGIC TRICKS. (Hardbound Book) Bell Publishing company, 1956, 128pp. Reddish cloth missing the dustjacket.

Frederick, Guy. MAGIC TRICKS. Young Readers’ Press, 1970,128pp.

Frey, Richard L. HOW TO PLAY CANASTA. Diversey Publishing, 1949, 126pp.

Friedman, Ken. 35 FOR TWO – – ORIGINAL COMEDY SCENES. Wagon Press, 1997. 106pp.

Frome, Lenny. WINNING STRATEGIES FOR VIDEO POKER. Compu-Flyers, 1993,119pp. Inscribed and signed on title page. 

Fulves, Karl. SELF-WORKING CARD TRICKS. Dover Publications, 2014, 113pp.

Fulves, Karl. SELF-WORKING CARD TRICKS. Dover Publications, 2014, 113pp.



Fulves, Karl. SELF-WORKING COIN MAGIC—92 FOOLPROOF TRICKS.  Dover Publications, 1989, 136pp,

Fulves, Karl. SELF-WORKING PAPER MAGIC. Dover, 1985, 147pp.

Furman, Irv. MAGIC FOR THE COMPLETE KLUTZ. Cherry Hill Press, 1987, 120pp., illus. (cartoon style by Bruce Blitz)

Gibson, Walter B. and Morris N. Young. HOUDINI ON MAGIC. Dover, various, 280 pp.

Gibson, Walter B. & Morris N. Young. HOUDINI ON MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) First edition. Dover Publications, Inc., 1953, 280pp. Lacking dust jacket.

Gibson, Walter B. and Morris N. Young. HOUDINI’S FABULOUS MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Bell Publishing, 1961, 214pp. Boards in dust jacket.

Gibson, Walter B. MAGIC EXPLAINED. (Covered Boards) Permabound, 1949, 188pp.

Gibson, Walter B. MASTERING MAGIC – SECRETS OF GREAT MAGICIANS REVEALED. Frederick Fell Publishers, 1977,188pp.

Gibson, Walter B. MASTERING MAGIC – 100 SECRETS OF GREAT MAGICIANS. Lifetime Books, 1996, 236pp.

Gibson, Walter B. PROFESSIONAL MAGIC FOR AMATEURS. Dover Publications, 1974, 225pp.

Gibson, Walter B. SECRETS OF MAGIC. Grosset & Dunlap, 1973, 147 pp.


Gibson, Walter. WALTER GIBSON’S BIG BOOK OF MAGIC FOR ALL AGES. Melvin Powers. Wilshire Book Company, 1980, 231pp.

Gibson, Walter B. WHAT’S NEW IN MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Bell Publishing, 1956, 222pp. Dust jacket is lightly worn at extremities.

Gibson, Walter B. WHAT’S NEW IN MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Bell Publishing, 1956, 222pp. Lacks dust jacket.

Gibson, Walter B. WHAT’S NEW IN MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Hanover House, 1956, First edition, 222pp. Cloth has some mild wear at the corners but is still a bright blue with white stamping.

Ginn, David. LAUGHTER LEGACY. (Hardbound Book) Scarlett Green Publications, 1998, 224pp. Cloth in dust jacket.

[Ginn, David] LIVE KIDBIZ 2: MORE FUNNY MAGIC. (DVD) David Ginn, 2004. Running time: 60 minutes.

Gleason, Katherine. GEOGAMI – CREATIVE MULTIDIMENSIONAL GEOMETRIC ORIGAMI. Sterling Innovation, 2006, 64pp.

Good, Arthur. 100 AMAZING MAGIC TRICKS. Mallard Press, 1989. 128pp.

Good, Arthur. 100 AMAZING MAGIC TRICKS. (Hardbound Book) Corwin Books, 1977. 128pp. Cloth in dust jacket. Dust jacket has a large (6”) tear and fold on the back cover—tear is taped, and jacket is in a Mylar cover; o/w a VG copy [pb & l]

Gordon, Henry. HENRY GORDON’S WORLD OF MAGIC. Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, 1989, 169pp.

Gravatt, Glenn. 50 MORE MODERN CARD TRICKS.  Magic Limited/Lloyd Jones, 1979, 60pp. Spine has been reinforced with tape; several small spots on top edge and front cover.

Greene, Charles III. THE RESTAURANT MAGIC BUSINESS. (Audio Cassette) Inner Circles Audio Series.



Hawkesworth, Eric. PRACTICAL LESSONS IN MAGIC – TRICKS AND ILLUSIONS FOR THE AMATEUR PERFORMER. (Hardbound Book) Meredith Press, 1967, 75pp. Cloth in dust jacket.


Hawkesworth, Eric. PUPPET SHOWS TO MAKE – HOW TO ENTERTAIN WITH ALL KINDS OF PUPPETS. (Hardbound Book) London, Supreme Magic, 1984. 92pp.Cloth in dust jacket.

Hay, Henry.  LEARN MAGIC.  Dover, 1957, 284 pp.

Heulihan, Gerald. WINNING ODDS, Padell Book Company, 1961, 64pp.

Hoffmann, Professor [pseud. Angelo John Lewis]. HOFFMANN’S MODERN MAGIC Dover Publications, 1978. (Reprint of the Routledge first American edition.)

Howe, James. HAROLD AND CHESTER IN RABBIT-CADABRA. (Hardbound Children’s Book) Morrow Junior Books, 1993. 50pp. Pictorial boards in matching dust jacket. Includes two pages of punch-out magic props.

Hoyle, Edmond. HOYLES COMPLETE AND AUTHORATATIVE BOOK OF GAMES – AUTOGRAPH EDITION. (Hardbound Book) Blue Ribbon Books, 1940, 460pp.

Hugard, Jean. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARD TRICKS. Dover Publications, 2019, 402 pp. Paperbound.

Hugard, Jean and Frederick Braue. EXPERT CARD TECHNIQUE – CLOSE-UP TABLE MAGIC. Dover, 1974, 448pp.

Hunt, Douglas and Kari. THE ART OF MAGIC. (Hardbound Book) Atheneum, 1967, 216pp. Black cloth in a protective Mylar sleeve. This appears to be an ex library copy

Hunter, Norman. THE PUFFIN BOOK OF MAGIC. Penguin Books, 1968. 128pp.

“J”, Mr. STILL MORE OF THE WORLD’S BEST DIRTY JOKES. (Hardbound Book) Castle Book, 1981,108pp. Boards in dj.

Jacoby, Oswald. OSWALD JACOBY ON POKER. (Hard bound Book) Doubleday & Company, 1947, 175pp. Boards in dust jacket. Dj has a closed tear at the bottom of the back.

Jacoby, Oswald. OSWALD JACOBY ON POKER. (Hardbound Book) Doubleday & Company, 1948, 175pp. Black boards with red stamping. Cover is a bit roughed with “bleached” spots on rear cover.

[Jokes] THE ADULT ONLY JOKE BOOK. Hinkler Books, 2002, 407pp., 8vo.

Jonson, Wilifrid. MAGIC TRICKS AND CARD TRICKS. Dover, 1954, 100pp./95pp.

Jorgensen, T.E. THE NEW BOTTLE BOOK. Nielsen Magic Co., 1992, 58pp.

[Joseph, Michael] BEAT-A-CHEAT – SECRETS OF A CARD SHARP. (VHS -Videocassette) Premier Home Video, 1989. 45 minutes. Still shrink-wrapped.

[Juggling] A two-book lot, consisting of: John Cassidy and B.C. Rimbeaux’s JUGGLING FOR THE COMPLETE KLUTZ (Klutz Press, 1988, 82pp.) and JuggleBug’s CLUB JUGGLING (JuggleBug, 1984, 16pp.)

[Juggling] JUGGLETIME. (Audio Cassette) JuggleBug, Inc., 1981.

Kaye, Marvin. CATALOG OF MAGIC. Doubleday, 1977. 280pp.

Kaye, Marvin. THE STEIN AND DAY HANDBOOK OF MAGIC. Stein and Day, 1975, 310pp.

Keppler, Stephan. THREE SECRETS REVEALED. MexoMagic, 2004. 4pp. Still shrink-wrapped.

Kissell, Steve and eleven of his comical friends. HUMOR BY THE DOZEN. Steve Kissell, 1996, 159pp.

Kovari. KOVARI’S MASTER MAGIC.  Kovari Magical Productions, n.d. (© 1980). Second printing. 64pp.

Kreskin. THE AMAZING WORLD OF KRESKIN,. Avon Publishing, 1974, 252pp.

Laflin, Duane. LAFLIN’S LAUGH-LINES – A COLLECTION OF FUN AND FUNNY STUFF. Winter’s Publishing, 2002, 96pp., illus.

Lalicki, Tom. SPELLBINDER – THE LIFE OF HARRY HOUDINI. (Hardbound Book) Holiday House, 2000, 81pp. Cloth/boards in dust jacket. [p&l]

Lamb, Geoffrey. MAGIC TRICKS. Cornerstone Library, 1977, 231pp.

Lanners, Edi. COLUMBUS EGG – TRICKS, GAMES, EXPERIMENTS. Paddington Press, 1978,192pp.


Lemmel, Maurice. GAMBLING: NEVADA STYLE. (Hardbound Book) Doubleday & Company, 1964, 192pp. Cloth in dust jacket. Jacket shows some light wear, but now in a Mylar sleeve. 

Leeming, Joseph. TRICKS AND STUNTS WITH PLAYING CARDS: PLUS GAMES OF SOLITAIRE. (Hardbound Book) Gramercy Pub. Co, 1949. 107pp.  Boards in dust jacket. Dust jacket a bit chipped. 

Lippy, John D., Jr. and Edward L. Palder. MODERN CHEMICAL MAGIC. n.p., n .d. 164pp.

Livingston, A.D. POKER STRATEGY AND WINNING PLAY. (Hardbound Book) J. B. Lippincott, 1971. 227pp.  Ex library.

Longe, Bob. WORLD’S BEST COIN TRICKS. Sterling Publishing, 1993, 128pp.

Lovitt, Chip. MASTERS OF MAGIC. Scholastic, 1979, 137pp.

MacDougall, Mickey as told to J.C. Furnas. GAMBLERS DON’T GAMBLE. (Book) Greystone Press, 1939. 166pp., illus., 8vo. Red cloth with black title and design stamping.  Lacks dust jacket.

[Magic, Inc.] 1967-68 YEAR BOOK. Magic, Inc., 1968, 112pp., plastic comb bound.

[Magic, Inc.] YEAR BOOK 1969-70. Magic, Inc., 1970, 144pp. Comb binding has been removed so just loose pages held with a bulldog clip.

Mandelberg, Robert. GREAT CARD TRICKS. (Wee Book) Mud Puddle Inc., 2013, 48pp. A wee book (only 4.5” tall) in pictorial boards.

March, Carl. MAGIC MADE EASY: AN INTRODUCTION TO CONJURING. Croydon Publishing Company, 1953, 96 pp. Magazine style paperbound. [l & p]

Mason, Tom, and Dan Danko with Jeff Frederickson. THE BOOK OF ILLUSIONS. Scholastic/Magic University, 2001, 74pp.

McElhones. MAGICAL MYSTERIES – MAGIC MADE EASY. (Hardbound Book) Rand McNally & Co., 1929, 140pp. Decorative stamped cloth boards.  Cloth is darkened at the top of the spine; has been damp with a water stan along the top third of the book—resulting in some stiffness and a modest warp of the boards; former owner name stamp on front end-paper and one page in; some scribbling on the rear end paper and on some photos throughout; despite defects, overall condition is fair and a serviceable reading copy.

[McClintock, Reed] REED MCCLINTOCK’S THE COIN PATRIOT. (DVD) Reed McClintock, 2003.

Meara, Mary Jane, Frances Carolina, Jeffrey Allen Joseph Stone, Maureen Anne Teresa Kelly and Richard Glen Michael Davis. MORE GROWING UP CATHOLIC. A Dolphin Book, 1986, 125pp.

Messick, Hank and Burt Goldblatt. THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN – AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF GAMBLING. (Hardbound Book) Thomas Y. Crowell, 1976, 214pp. Boards in dust jacket.  Small tear on back of dust jacket repaired with tape. [p & l]

Meyer, Bernard C. HOUDINI: A MIND IN CHAINS, A PSYCHOANALYTIC PORTRAIT. (Hardbound Book) E.P. Dutton, 1976, 197pp. Cloth in dust jacket with several small tears and chips.

Meyer, Jerome S. FUN FOR THE FAMILY. (Hardbound Book) Garden City Publishers, 1939, 288pp. Green cloth in Dust jacket in a Mylar sleeve.

[Michael the Magician]. SECRET MAGIC TRICKS REVEALED. (VHS Video) n.d., no time listed.

Miller, Hugh (editor). HORACE BENNETT’S PRIZE WINNING MAGIC. Supreme Magic Company, n.d. 80pp.

Moore, Brian. THE MAGICIAN’S WIFE. (Hardbound Book – Magic-Themed Fiction) Dutton, 1998, 229pp.

Morehead, Albert H. and Geoffrey Mott-Smith. HOYLE’S RULES OF GAMES. Signet Key Book, multiple dates, multiple paginations.

Morehead, Albert H. and Geoffrey Mott-Smith. OFFICIAL RULES OF CARD GAMES. Whitman Publishing, 1968, 256pp.

Morehead, Albert H. and Geoffrey Mott-Smith. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SOLITAIRE AND PATIENCE GAMES. Bantom Books, 1968, 190pp.

Morehead, Albert H. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WINNING POKER. (Hardbound Book) Simon & Schuster, 1967, 286pp. Cloth/boards.

Moss, John. HOW TO WIN AT POKER. Garden City Books, 1950, 92pp.

O’Meally. Robert. LADY DAY – THE MANY FACES OF BILLIE HOLIDAY. Da Capo Press, 1991, 205pp. [p&l]

Osborn, Florence. HOW’S YOUR BRIDGE GAME? (Hardbound) Whittlesey House, 1948, 201pp. Ex library.

[Ostovani, Derek] TREASURY. (Trick) Penguin Magic, 2020. Transformation of dollar bill signature to reveal chosen card. See demo: Stamp printing prop with online access to complete routine.

Otis, Taylor. TOBY TYLER OR TEN WEEKS WITH THE CIRCUS. (Juvenile Hardbound Book) Grosset & Dunlap, 1967,183pp.Pictorial boards. Ex library, but still very good.

[Palter, Jason] JASON PALTER’S iKNOW. (DVD) Paltergeist Unlimited, 2008. New – still shrink-wrapped. 

Phillips, Bob. JOLLY JOKES FOR OLDER FOLKS. Harvest House Publishers, 2007, 170pp.

Phillips, Hubert. PROFITABLE POKER. (Hardbound Book) Arco Publications, 1960, 224pp. Red cloth with gold stamping in a dust jacket.

Pipkin, Turk. BE A CLOWN! THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO INSTANT CLOWNING. Workman Publishing, 1989. 112pp.

Plowman, Sonya and Oliver Roydhouse (editors) WORLD’D BEST JOKES & HUMOR. Summit Press, 2002, 575pp.

Pogue, David. MAGIC FOR DUMMIES. Various,1998, 369pp. [p & l] 

POKER ACCORDING TO MAVERICK. Dell Publishing Co., 1959, 159pp.

Popular Mechanics, The Editors of. THE BOY MAGICIAN – 156 AMAZING TRICKS & SLEIGHT OF HAND. Hearst Books, 2008.  192 pp.

Powers, Melvin. HOW TO GET RICH IN MAIL ORDER. Hal Leighton Printing Company, 1986, 352pp.

Ragsdale, Bill. MAGIC AROUND THE WORLD. Script for “Adventures Around the World”,  Adventures in Entertainment, 1994,144pp.

Randi, The Amazing, and Bert Randolph Sugar. HOUDINI: HIS LIFE AND ART. Grosset and Dunlap, 1976, 192pp. General edgewear; former owner name stamp on top edge and some written notes on the endpaper. [p&l]

Reinfeld, Fred. 1001 BRILLIANT CHESS SACRIFICES AND COMBINATIONS. (Hardbound Book) Sterling Publishing, 1955. 252pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket roughed at the extremities; o/w VG.

Rice, Cy. NICK THE GREEK – KING OF THE. (Hardbound Book) Funk and Wagnalls, 1969, 235pp. Cloth in dust jacket–a . roughed at the edges

Riddle, Major A. as told to Joe Hymans. THE WEEKEND GAMBLER’S HANDBOOK. (Hardbound Book) Random House, 19631, 57pp. Cloth in a clipped dust jacket with general wear–chipped, creased and worn at the extremities.

Ripley, Sherman. 141 MAGIC TRICKS. Sentinel Books, various, 127pp.

Ripley, Sherman. AN INTRODUCTION TO MAGIC. Sentinel Books, various, 127pp.

Ritchard, Dan with Kathleen Moloney. VENTRILOQUISM FOR THE TOTAL DUMMY. Villard Books, 1987, 90pp. Apparently a “starter vent figure or sock puppet was attached” by a .25” hole punched near the top of the spine. Dummy not included.

Roberts, Willo Davis. THE MAGIC BOOK. (Hardbound Juvenile Fiction with a Magic Theme) Atheneum, 1986, 150pp. Cloth in dust jacket. An ex library copy. 

Robertson, Jeanne. DON’T LET THE FUNNY STUFF GET AWAY. Rich Publishing Company, 1998, 136pp.

Rosenbloom, Joseph. THE GIGANTIC JOKE BOOK. Sterling Publishing, n.d. 256pp.

Rovere, Ernest W. CONTRACT BRIDGE COMPLETE. A Fireside Book, 1973, 844pp.

[Roya, Will] EASY CARD MAGIC. (DVD) Includes gimmicked cards. New – still shrink-wrapped.


Russo, Arlene. VAMPIRE NATION. Llewellyn Publications, 2005, 216pp.

Scarne, John. 100 OF SCARNE’S MAGIC TRICKS. Cornerstone Library, 1965, 119pp.

Scarne, John. SCARNE’S NEW COMPLETE GUIDE TO GAMBLING. Simon and Schuster/Fireside edition, 1986. 871pp. Shows some use with corner and spine creases.

Schindler, George. PRESTO! MAGIC FOR THE BEGINNER. (Hardbound Book) Dorset Press, 1989, 192pp. Cloth/boards in dust jacket.

Schindler, George. PRESTO! MAGIC FOR THE BEGINNER. Reiss Publishing, 1977,192pp.

Schulte, Fred. FLEECED! TELEMARKETING RIP-OFFS AND HOW TO AVOID THEM. (Hardbound Book) Prometheus Books, 1995, 361pp. Boards in dust jacket.


Sheinwold, Alfred. FIRST BOOK OF BRIDGE. Everyday Handbooks #242-Barnes & Noble, n.d., 153pp.

Shepherd, Chuck, John J. Kohut and Roland Sweet. NEWS OF THE WEIRD. A Plume Book, 1989, 162pp.  

Shirk, Bill, as told to Dick Wolfsie. MODERN DAY HOUDINI – SECRETS OF MY TWENTY-FIVE GREATEST ESCAPES. Lyons Press, 2003, 178pp. [l & p]

Shrott, Steve. STEVE SHROTT’S COMEDY COURSE.  Hades Publications, 1989. 61pp. Has been damp along top edge and is cockled, but wholly readable.

Silbermintz, Moses. TRICKS THAT WORK VOLUME ONE and JOKES THAT WORK – TWO BOOKS IN ONE. Magic Apple, 2010, (44pp.)

Silberstang, Edwin. WINNING POKER STRATEGY. David McKay Company, 1982, 146pp.

Silberstang, Edwin. WINNING CASINO CRAPS. (Hardbound Book)  Company, 1979. 141pp., illus./diagrams, glossary, index, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Ex library with typical institutional and public abuse.

Silverman, Stephen M. FUNNY LADIES – WOMEN WHO MAKE US LAUGH. (Hardbound Book) Harry N. Abrams, 1999. 160pp. Boards in dust jacket. [p & l]

Simon, S, J. WHY YOU LOSE AT BRIDGE. (Hardbound Book) Simon a& Schuster, 1946, 158pp. Cloth in dj.

Sippets, Trevor. The POKER DIRECTORY. Chartwell, 2005, 208pp.

Spanier, David. TOTAL POKER. (Hardbound Book) Simon and Schuster, 1977, 255pp. Cloth in dust jacket.

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Stein, Clem, Jr. BRIDGE AND GIN GAMBITRY – THE ART OF WINNING ALL THE TIME. Cornerstone Library, 1963, 159pp.Shows wear from use; a price sicker has been removed from the to face corner and some of the paper cover with it; cover and first two paged have been hole-punched near the upper face corner; interior page a bit browned.

Stevens, Brooke. THE CIRCUS OF THE EARTH AND THE AIR. (Fiction with a Circus Theme – Hardbound) Harcourt Brace& Company, 1994, 410pp. Cloth in dust jacket.

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Swain, James. GRIFT SENSE. (Book – Magic/Gambling themed Fiction) Pocket Books, 2001, 303pp. Cloth/boards in dust jacket.

Swain, James. GRFT SENSE. (Hardbound Book – Magic/Gambling themed Fiction) Pocket Books, 2001, 303pp., cloth/boards in dj.

[Talman, Manolo and Cesaral Alonso] CESARAL MENTAL MIND PC CALCULATOR. (Trick on CD-ROM) Cesaral Magic. This effect can be done on any PC that has a Microsoft Windows Operating System version 95 98 NT 2000 or XP. Any PC can be used. CD-ROM in plastic jewel box

[Tannen Catalog] LOUIS TANNEN NO. 13 CATALOG OF MAGIC. (Hardbound Magic Catalog) Louis Tannen Inc., 1980, 783pp.  Pictorial boards featuring Siegfried & Roy on the cover. Includes a reprint of Robert Parrish and Oscar Weigle’s DO THAT AGAIN.

[Tannen Magic] CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 15. (Hardbound Catalog) Louis Tannen Inc., 1985. 791pp. Pictorial boards with Blackstone Jr. on the cover.

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Thurston, Howard. 400 FASCINATING MAGIC TRICKS YOU CAN DO. (Book) North Hollywood, Wilshire Book Company, 1975. 237pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. VG. Offered at $4.00

Time-Life Books. MYSTERIES OF THE UNKNOWN: PSYCHIC POWERS. (Hardbound Book) Time-Life Books, 1987. 160pp. Pictorial boards. 

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Uston, Ken. KEN USTON ON BLACKJACK. (Book) Lyle Stuart, 1986. 212pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket (now in Mylar protective sleeve). Former owner name stamped inside front cover, o/w Near Fine

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Victor, Edward. MAGIC OF THE HANDS and MORE MAGIC OF THE HANDS. (Hardbound Book) Max Holden, 1942, 117/132pp. (+ ads). Blue cloth. General soiling; worn at head and foot of spine; signatures are starting to split in several places; a Good reading copy.

Victor, Edward. MAGIC OF THE HANDS. Max Holden, 1942, 119pp.m. Some darkening/toning around the edges.

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[Wiles, Caleb] AT THE TABLE: CALEB WILES. (DVD) New – still shrink-wrapped.

Williams, Beryl and Samuel Epstein. THE GREAT HOUDINI: MAGICIAN EXTRAORDINARY. Scholastic Book Services, 1965. 275pp.

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Wilson, Mark. MARK WILSON’S GREATEST CARD TRICKS. (Hardbound Book) Courage Books, 1993. 88pp. Pictorial boards in dust jacket. [p & l]

Wilson, Mark. MARK WILSON’S GREATEST MAGIC TRICKS. (Hardbound Book) Courage Books, 1993. 88pp. Pictorial boards in dust jacket. [p & l]

Wilson, Colin. THE SUPERNATURAL – MYSTERIOUS POWERS. (Hardbound Book) Danbury Press, 1975, 144pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial cloth. General edgewear at the extremities with some mild mars/scuffs on the back of the cover

Wolpin, Stewart. THE RULES OF NEIGHBORHOOD POKER ACCORDING TO HOYLE. New Chapter Press, 1990, 358pp. 

WONDERLAND. (DVD) By the Enchantment, 2010. Widescreen.

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Zadeh, Norman. WINNING POKER SYSTEMS. Wilshire Book Company, 1974, 208pp

Zorn, Steven. THE LITTLE BOOK OF MAGIC TRICKS. (Hardbound) Running Press, 1994, 127pp. Boards in dust jacket. Wee book – 16mo.

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